Email Account Management Tool Login
Click "Continue" below to access the Email Configuration Tool which can be used by Central Campus email users to set forwarding, auto-reply, spam management, filters, and to check disk usage. Email users at the School of Medicine can set mail forwarding.

This system now uses Yale's Central Authentication Service (CAS).

Important: If you are using a computer that can be used by others, log out from the Email Configuration Tool by both clicking the "Logout" button within the tool and following the instructions to log out of CAS. If you do not completely log out, someone else may gain access to your account setup. Simply closing the browser window is not always sufficient.

Click Continue below to log into the Email Account Tool through the Yale Central Authentication Service.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact your local support provider ( or the ITS Help Desk at (203) 785-3200, (203) 432-9000, or